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Micro Mohair Bear 0.4 Inch - Tiny Crochet Miniature Teddy Bear Blue Bow - Made To Order

Micro Mohair Bear 0.4 Inch - Tiny Crochet Miniature Teddy Bear Blue Bow - Made To Order

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Here is a sweet and very tiny teddy bear,

The little bear is crocheted and needle waxed mohair by embroidery threads with joints, his arms and legs can be movable. His eyes are sewn black cored plastics and stuffed by polyfil.

Size: Aprox. 0.4 inch ( 10 mm) tall in standing.

Perfect for any micro DOLLHOUSE display or MINIATURE of your tiny micro teddy bear collection, and is intended for adult collectors only, he should sit safely on a shelf or in the box to enjoy watching.

The tiny bear is well packed in the clear plastic box with removable lid. You can open and decorate the base/ box background by your self and your little bear can be admired by every angles. The clear box drafted by sealed plastic bag to avoid loss/damage and to protect item from dust/vapor and ready to ship.


+ I used the water-glue to fix small animals to the base to avoid loss or damage. In order to remove from the base, you can use a small pin with water drops to soften the glue positions, then slightly remove the item from the base by tweezers.

Please leave a note to seller at the check out if you wanted the item unglued.

+ This listing is made to order. yours may vary slightly from the last pictures shown but the size, shape, colors, cuteness are not changed.
+ Feel free to convo suami for any specials or custom orders.
+ If you see one you like in my sold items, please convo me and I'll let you know if one like it can be made special for you
+ For more micro bears or other tiny crocheted teddies, please check below bear section link

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