Crochet Sock Monkey 1 Inch

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Handmade crocheted miniature grey sock monkey 1 inch.

The little sock monkey is crocheted by embroidery threads with thread joints, his head, arms and legs can be movable, his eyes are sewn black cored plastics and stuffed by polyfil.

Size: Aprox. 1 inch ( 24 mm) tall when standing and 0.6 Inch ( 16 mm) when sitting.

This little monkey is perfect for any DOLLHOUSE display, tiny gift for sock monkey fanciers or MINIATURE toy for your mini animal collection, and is intended for adult collectors only.


+ This listing is Made To Order, yours may vary slightly from the last pictures shown but the size, shape, colors, cuteness are not changed.
+ For more crocheted tiny monkeys, please check out jungle animal link or back to Suami page

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Materials: plastic eyes cored, polyfil, embroidery threads.

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